1. Business Strategies For The Next Five Years

After building up a strong foundation in South Sudan and managed to maintain a persistent performance through the boom & bust times, Southern Sun is set on for the road of fast expansion. This is in line with the Company’s niché and objective to offer quality products at competitive prices and to increase their sales volume and market share by penetrating into all markets.

Five complementary approaches are ascertained to attain the plan:

 Market penetration
Having established a strong presence in retail market, the Company plans to expand its market to other parts of South Sudan, including Bor, Malakar and Wou etc, . Besides having its in-house sales team,
the company has obtained consent from major wholesalers and distributors in South Sudan to
distribute its products. Besides, the Company will embark on the vertical penetration by creating wider availabilities of products through expanding distribution from household to big company, from small corner stores to hypermarkets.

 Market development
In the export aspects, the products have already been re-distributed out of the country to kampala
The Company is planning to expand its distribution networks to other countries, such as to the Middle Eastern and central . In fact, the company has been aggressively promoting its export by joining overseas international trade exhibitions in Hong Kong, Singapore, China etc.

In order to develop the export markets at optimum costs, Southern Sun has also utilized the various facilities and incentives provided by MATRADE and ride on the Internet as networking and promotional